Wednesday, 12 April 2017

EduSat 74° East



EDUSAT is the satellite solely devted to meet the demands of educational sector area. It was propelled on September 20, 2004 by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to take care of always expanding demand for an intuitive satellite-based separation training framework for the nation. 

GSAT-3, known as EDUSAT is implied for inaccessible classroom instruction from school level to advanced education. This was the initially devoted "Instructive Satellite" that furnish the nation with satellite based two path correspondence to classroom for conveying instructive materials.

Daily 7-8 lectures on all working days are delivered by Deptt. of School Education, 5 lectures by Deptt. of Technical Education, 2 lectures by Deptt. of Higher Education and 1 lecture by Deptt. Of Medical Education by  Punjab Edusat Society

Utkarsh has four TV channels give daily lectures for School Education   
Utkarsh Channel 1
Utkarsh Channel 2
Utkarsh Channel 3
Utkarsh Channel 4

To setup Edusat ROT is very cheap, all you need are:-
1. Satellite Dish
2. LNB
3. STB
And it will cost between 900 rs to 1500 rs to make entire setup (TV is excluded) 

Dish size should be 60cm to 100 cm for good gain

In STB you need to put Frequencies of Edusat to get Educational TV Channels

There are basically only three things to add

1. F.E.C.

2. Symbol rate 

3. Polarity

To get more details of this satellite frequencies you may Visit 

This Edusat is on 74 E degree (DD Free Dish is at 93.5 E), if you have basic knowledge to setup Dish Antennae then you can easily setup it. You may hire a person who do basic setup of satellites dish.

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