Friday, 7 April 2017

Audio Video Lessons for 6th to 8th


The Punjab Edusat Society has also developed 364 multimedia episodes for students in classes 6th to 8th on computer-aided learning for the subjects of Science, English, Mathematics and Social Studies.
These lectures are like revision classes for the students.

These lessons can be used in E Library or even by ROT ( Just need to install PC with it)

You may copy content from E Library and use at ROT with PC

If you open Edusat Content from D Drive

You will see two yellow folders as shown below

In these folders there are sub folders of classes

In class folder there are again sub folders of subjects
If you need one particular subject, for example English, then there is about 60 GB data, and by which you can revise or recapitulate all lessons of class 6th to 12th

When you click start button you get class option

After that you can select subject

Then-after lesson you want to teach in class

These lessons are prepared with great zeal and really helpful to teachers to teach their students with use of technology

Every lesson has some sub parts as shown below

From vocabulary to exercise many things can be done with easy way

Students can see and hear so there is complete learning take place, teachers can pause it to explain further and also make clear the doubts of kids

With animations everything is well explained and in accordance of child's cognitive abilities

Students can take part in it and give their answers to do self assessment

Kids can play games and while playing they will learn their lessons , it's real play way activity

Students can learn on their own pace by it and also note down which sometimes teachers miss to write on black board

As it involves games (Riddles) students can co related it with games of mobiles of which they are well aware now days

A Winning Spirit also develop among the students who got appreciation after providing right answers

A unique experiment in teaching learning process as it gives opportunity to teachers to think beyond chalk & talk method

This is just example of one lesson of class 7th from English subject, likewise there are topics of many subjects of 6th to 12th class, so all teachers need to try it, it's as easy as to use smart phones.


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